Insulation Rebate Programs Posted by Naperville Insulation Company September 7th, 2022


You could Qualify for UP TO $1100 In Rebates!


ARC Insulation keeps on top of all rebate program so you can be sure you are getting all the benefits of available weatherization rebates and incentives.

We will do all the rebate paperwork & filing for you!

Take advantage of Utility insulation rebates for your home. Receive significant rebates towards the cost of upgrading your attic insulation. ARC Insulation will help you make the right weatherization improvements to your home, utilizing all rebates available to you. We do all the paperwork for you, making it an instant rebate.

Comes right off the bill!

Not only will your home will be instantly more comfortable and energy efficient resulting increased comfort, plus lower heating and cooling bills.

An attic insulation upgrade costs less than you think. Stop wasting money and start saving on your home energy costs year-round!

Contact ARC Insulation today for a free 9-point attic inspection and rebate pre-qualification.

What are the Benefits?

Sealing air leaks and adding attic insulation you can:

  • Increase Comfort- Reduce drafts and air leaks and noise
  • Reduce Energy Waste (up to 20 percent)
  • Lowered heating and cooling costs – by increasing the efficiency of your home
  • Improved indoor air quality – Reduce moisture, dust and other pollutants from entering your home
  • Receive rebates – From your utility providers Energy Efficiency Programs

How does it work?

Customers of Nicor Gas, ComEd, North Shore Gas, Peoples Gas are eligible.

We can offer you instant rebates for air sealing and attic insulation because ARC Insulation is Utility approved contractor and certified by the Building Performance Institute (BPI), a national authority on building performance and weatherization

ARC Insulation will identify areas in your home where insulation and air sealing improvements that can help you save money and make your home more comfortable

Attic Insulation rebate

Existing insulation must have an effective R-Value of 19 or less, Installed R-Value must be R49 or greater.
Attic rebates are .30 per Sq. and capped at $300 per household.
Attic insulation rebates are only available when bundled with air sealing.

Wall Insulation rebate

Wall insulation rebates are available for exterior walls, knee walls, above- grade foundation walls and rim joist. Installed R-Value must be at least R13, or compliance with local code, whichever is greater.
Wall rebates are .50 per Sq. and capped at $400 per household.
Wall insulation rebates are only available when bundled with air sealing and Existing walls must have an effective R-Value of 5 or less.

Air Sealing rebate

Air sealing is one of the most cost-effective improvements to save energy, reduce energy costs and prevent moisture problems in the attic.
It is best practice to air seal and insulate the attic at the same time.
Air Sealing rebates are CFM reduction from pre, and post blower door results.
Air seal Rebates are capped at $400 per household.