Myths Insulation Contractors Want to Debunk

Insulation Contractors in Elmhurst, IL

Did you take a class in school about home maintenance? Probably not since they focus on reading, writing, and arithmetic, right? So, how did you learn about such things as insulation? Probably from listening to others who also didn’t have a class to get reliable information from. It isn’t surprising how much misinformation is out there, which is why insulation contractors so passionately work to debunk the worst myths out there. Here are a couple:

  • Myth #1: Pile that insulation up because you can’t have too much! Insulation contractors see homes every day where the homeowner is complaining about lack of comfort and high utility bills only to find multiple layers of insulation that were just tossed in on top of one another. Not only can this be totally ineffective, but also result in some nasty problems. Let a professional assess whether you need more and go about the right way to improve your situation.
  • Myth #2: You’ll never get enough benefit to recoup the cost for the insulation. If you keep having an inefficient home, you’ll continue to throw away money. Even if it were to take many years to recoup the cost (and it won’t if done properly) at some point, it will be. It might also surprise you that since you already have insulation, it may not be as costly as you think to upgrade a bit. In any case, that sure beats paying high utility bills for an entire lifetime, not to mention being uncomfortable in your home and replacing an overworked HVAC system every few years.
  • Myth #3: My home is comfortable and my utility bills are manageable, so I’m good! Insulation contractors get called for insulation for more than comfort and energy savings. Properly installed insulation is great for soundproofing too, as well as raising the resale value of your home.

The insulation contractors here at ARC Insulation are more than happy to provide you the information needed to debunk myths and misconceptions. We’ll uncover the facts so that you can move forward improving your home. We will accurately assess your home’s insulation and potential for improvement to provide you with truthful answers about how to proceed. Contact us today to learn more.